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Skirmish Event Changes

Greetings, Captains,

We have updated Skirmish event bonuses based on player feedback. Specifically, we want to discuss Skirmish VP (Victory Points).

How will VP bonus work?

Bonus VP can be obtained by:
- Using a featured event crew (highest bonus)
- Using a variant of the featured event crew or, when applicable, crew with an event bonus trait (medium bonus)
- Matching a trait in a specific battle (small bonus)

These various bonuses do not stack and only the highest qualifying bonus will apply.
Your ship can only get one bonus from your crew. You will always get the highest bonus of the equipped crew.


Battle A: you equip 1 featured event crew, 1 variant (or event bonus trait crew), and 1 crew matching 1 or all traits of the battle. The VP bonus applied will be the one provided by the featured event crew (the highest bonus).

Battle B: you equip 1 variant (or event bonus trait crew) who also matches one or more traits for said battle. The highest VP bonus will apply (a medium bonus).

Battle C: you equip at least one crew matching one or more traits for said battle. A small VP bonus will apply.

Please note this is a change from the original way in which Skirmish events were designed. After fixing a bug with these events, your feedback helped us to make the decision to change how these events operate. As we continue to test and evaluate Skirmishes, we will assess whether additional modifications are needed.

We hope this brings more clarity regarding Skirmishes, and we are looking forward to your feedback on how this update plays out for our upcoming Skirmish event "A Valdore Too Far."


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