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Fleet E Street Band is a fleet with a Starbase level of 63 currently. We are looking for active players that are willing to join our Squadrons and make our Starbase and fleet better.

Requested: Level 30 or higher, and regular player to help develop our Fleet and Starbase. Preferably add (ESB) at the end of your nametag.

What you get is a Fleet that doesn't ask a special communication center, but communication through the chat when needed is welcomed.

Captain P. - Admiral of Fleet E Street Band


  • Hello Captains, Fleet E Street Band has some openings currently. If you are a regular player that wants to join one of our Squadrons, feel free to enlist.
  • By now we are at Star Base level 69, with level 70 up soon,
  • Level 70 achieved.
  • If you are a regular player, and want to help you and yourself to get up through the ranks, join Fleet E Street Band. Level 70 Starbase and growing.
  • Fleet E Street Band has vacancies.
  • We have 4 vacancies, if you are a regular (team-) player, feel free to join Fleet E Street Band.
  • Fleet E Street Band has 2 vacansies at the moment. If you are a daily player that would like to grow in this competition you are welcome to join. We do want you to join our Squadrons to help each other out.
  • Hello Captains, we are looking for some active Captains that are willing to do their daily shores, and have a role in the weekly events. You; re welcome to join our Fleet and one of our Squadrons.
  • Hello Captains, our fleet currently at Starbase level 94 is looking for a few Captains, that want to put in their daily shores and preferably play during the weekend events. Come and join Fleet E Street Band.
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