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Polywater Yar Update 2

Greetings, Captains,

As we communicated last Thursday, we have reviewed the compensation plan for players having obtained Yar before her ship ability was modified.

Under the revised compensation plan, you may choose to exchange each copy of Polywater Yar for one of the following:
(A) Captain Killy
(B) 5* citation

If you did not yet submit a ticket for this please do so now, with "Polywater Yar” in the subject line and mention clearly which of the options above you would like: (A), or (B).

If you already have an outstanding ticket with Player Support, please update it as indicated above.

If you have already worked out a compensation with our Support Team but would also like to benefit from this new offer, please reopen your ticket with your request. We will work with you.

Thank you!

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