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Yawn Time after Threshold

Thursday, 12PM EDT, the next event starts.
A few hours later on Thursday, you've hit the threshold.
So what's the next big thrill?
Waiting for the community awards, if its Galaxy?
Or battling for to stay in top 1000 for a mediocre Legendary?
Here's an idea, DB: How about more thresholds, and more rewards?
At least with Skirmishes you can get something back, though the credit rewards are worthless.
Otherwise, it's a big yawn.


  • I would be ok with this idea but I hope they don’t make the spacing between rewards like 2.5million like they do when the event goes an extra day.

    I’d really like for them to change the way the structure the events. Majority of people have real lives they have to take care of on the weekends. I think they should create a rewards structure and see if you as a player can achieve that. But you play as much or as little as your life allows. No extra rewards for being first and dedicating 23 out of 24 hours a day for 5 days straight. Plus this would eliminate the issue around the world when the event starts when they may be sleeping or driving to/from work.
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