4* In line for the Airlock - Thoughts for the Doomed

So I need to make space for a bunch of new crew. At least 4 spots. Here's who I would like to put up on the chopping block. If anyone knows any good reasons to keep them, or if Airlocking them would be a mistake please do not hesitate to toss you opinions in the hat.

Captain Janeway 1*- Seems like the worst version of her, but my only one aside from the 3* version, and she's in a lot of events. I also already have Captain T'pol who has the same Stat configuration just with better numbers all around.

Anij 2*- Basically a gauntlet only character. And I all ready have, Mirror Phlox, Nurse Faith Garland and Antak who all have better Med rolls.

Laas 1*- Mid level Science, so nothing exciting. But I like his Sci/Dip/Sec combo and he has an interesting trait set with: Prodigy, Civillian, Hunter, Survivalist, Changling, Explorer. But I do have Scientists with better numbers already and I Don't need him to unlock "One Future Ends"

Tieran Posessed Kes 2*- I like her Cmd/Med/Sec combo, and her numbers aren't to shabby. But is it woth waiting for her to be included in the portal before I can Fully Fuse her?

Feezal Phlox1*- I like her as a character, and I feel like I should be keeping her, even if only for her Quantum Mechanic Trait. And she can unlock a bunch of other nodes/rewards.

Trader Odo 1*- I know his Diplomacy is sky high and he's a main character. But I have Jazz Musicion Odo who has the same Stat confi and a better future potential but will be much harder to fuse as he is a 5* version. I also have 4* crew with higher base Dip numbers.

Ambassador Shras 2* vs. Celebratory Ash Tyler 1*-Both are Dip/Cm/Sec I waited long enough and they are finally both in the Portal. Both have outstanding Dip numbers and Voyage totals. Ambassador Shras has just about every Dip related trait possible: Civilian, Communicator, Diplomat, Ambassador and can unlock a node. While Ash has a bunch of traits like Tactician, Pilot, and Marksman that commonly pop up in Voyages. And im guessing that with the new season Ash will pop up as event crew agin. I just don't think I can spare the space for both of them any more.

Augment Riker1*- His Base Numbers are horrible! And even his Gauntlet Rolls don't totaly make up for it. He is my only 4* Riker variant and he's in 2 collections, Augment and Jerry Rigger, so I'm inclined to hold onto him.

Young Khan 3*- I all ready have a 4* Prospero Data with the same Stat config and better numbers than Khan. I feel like hes worth keeping as event crew but wonder if I'm just kidding myself and would it be better to spend the resources on something else.

The Clown 1*- One of the highest 4* Sec scores in the game and I really like his Battle Ability. Definitely could be useful. But is there any way I'm gonna Fully Fuse him.

Rogue Harry Kim 2*- His numbers aren't great but he is a rare Warp Theorist and that just might be enough on its own to keep him.

Then there are a few that I've had sitting around for a while hoping to Fuse before spending resourses on than, but no luck. Maybe it's time to dump some of them. All are 1* and level 1 unless otherwise noted.

The President of Earth,
Dr Hippocrates Noah
Profitable Ishka
Commander Keras 2*
Lieutenant Tarrah
Platonian Kirk1*- My only kirk
Sheriff Worf *-:
Assimilated Tuvok
Vedek Bareil Antos

Thanks in advance for the input. I look forward to everyone's opinion.
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  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    My comments are below, in italics. B)
    Captain Janeway 1*- Since she's 1/4, I'd say dump her. Yes, Janeway will surely be in many future events, but as you say, she's not one of the stronger variants. And you'll no doubt have a shot at her again one day.

    Anij 2*- Considering who else you said you had, she'd be okay to airlock, imo.

    Laas 1*- Yep, not really worth keeping.

    Tieran Posessed Kes 2*- As you say, it may be some time before you can FF her, and she isn't worth a lot until then. Probably safe to dismiss.

    Feezal Phlox1*- If you really like her, then keep her, but I wouldn't say she'd be very useful.

    Trader Odo 1*- At this point, I'd say you could airlock him if you need the space.

    Ambassador Shras 2* vs. Celebratory Ash Tyler 1*- I'd keep Shras, at least, just because you've got one more star on him.

    Augment Riker1*- His Base Numbers are horrible! And even his Gauntlet Rolls don't totaly make up for it. Depends on how well you're set for ENG in the Gauntlet. He could be good for you there, especially if he matches any traits.

    Young Khan 3*- I would suggest keeping 3/4 crew, especially someone like Khan, who, even though he's not main cast, will be bonus crew again, not only for his variant, but for having the Augment trait. Plus, you could easily get that final star at any point, from a Voyage, a freebie premium pull, etc.

    The Clown 1*- But is there any way I'm gonna Fully Fuse him. Now that they've changed it so that Voyage-exclusive crew drop more than once, you do have a shot at getting more copies, though it may take awhile to do so. However, this also means that if you do airlock him, it won't be like it was before, where you would never have gotten an opportunity to get him again.

    Rogue Harry Kim 2*- His numbers aren't great but he is a rare Warp Theorist and that just might be enough on its own to keep him. The Warp Theorist trait isn't one I've seen as being particularly needed, so I wouldn't keep him for that. He's not great on his own, but being 2/4, maybe you could hang on to him for now — and who knows, he could be event bonus crew again before long.

    Then there are a few that I've had sitting around for a while hoping to Fuse before spending resourses on than, but no luck. Maybe it's time to dump some of them. All are 1* and level 1 unless otherwise noted.
    • The President of Earth, Keep. FF, he makes it on Voyages all the time for me.
    • Dr Hippocrates Noah I'd say you could airlock him.
    • Profitable Ishka Meh. Keep her if you like the character, otherwise airlock.
    • Commander Keras 2* Not really worth keeping, unless you need a Romulan (for either events or the cryo collection), but I'd advise perhaps dumping any 1/4 crew before you get rid of 2/4's.
    • Lieutenant Tarrah Keep. Solid SEC when FF.
    • Platonian Kirk1*- My only kirk Keep. Decent for Arena, and as you say, you need a Kirk. ;)
    • Sheriff Worf *-: I'd suggest keeping him not only cuz he's Worf, but for the Wild West cryo collection. There are only 3 non-Legendaries in that collection — him, North Star Archer, and Claiborne Chekov — so at least you'd have a better shot at getting a few milestones completed there.
    • Assimilated Tuvok Keep.
    • Vedek Bareil Antos Airlock.

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  • For me, I only consider airlocking characters that are 1/4. If a character has more than one star, I keep them. It brings me one step closer to immortalizing them and at that point I can do whatever I need.

    It leaves me struggling a little bit to manage my crew sometimes, but after spacing a 2/4 and the next day pulling what would have been a 3rd star, I decided it wasn't worth the frustration.

    As far as the voyage only crew, I'd also hold on to them. Yes you can get them again, but unless you're spending money to extend your voyages the chances of getting The Clown again are pretty slim, so if you intend on immortalizing him you want to be ready to add stars when they come.

    This is just how I look at things, but I'm also in the Pokemon mentality of "Gotta catch 'em all!"
  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    Before I airlock anyone, I freeze any immortal (aside from my skeleton cadet crew) who is not in the top 9 or 10 in their abilities.

    I also avoid pulling new crew if I have too much space issue.

    I have not yet had to airlock any 4* crew who were not duplicates.

    If you don't have any 3* or 4* crew to freeze, than I would start with the 1/4 least likely to be in any event.

    As to specific crew, others have already recommended better than I could. I might add that your Possessed Kes is supposed to be a really good card, but I don't have her immortalized yet and hardly use her. She and a few.others are not yet in the pulls so new copies are in the future, not present possibilities.
  • Feezal Phlox has terrible stats, I have airlocked her multiple times with no regrets. vedek bareil is also not useful, I only froze him because I rapidly got copies of him when I was not short on slots. Rogue Harry Kim is also a very low stat card, and was an event crew fairly recently so less risk of recurring soon.

    I'd prioritize 2/4 later than 1/4 though. Hippocrates Noah was a card needed for a unique mission unlock for me, you might have another crew for it. If so, he has been very rarely useful (though sisko variants come in handy and he's the only one with med I think?).

    Agree with you that Augment Riker is a very low priority, I only freezed him because got him 4/4 from event ranking. If you're low on rikers though he could help in a faction. If you have high end eng cards though like ruafo, there are not typically a lot of ENG slots in factions, so you may not miss him.

    Anij - NO reason to keep her. very low odds of event usefulness, and ANY OTHER usefulness. Laas stats are not impressive, but he finds it onto voyages for me regularly because of his SCI skill combo, even though I have a lot of strong 1/5 sci crew and Surak 5/5.
  • Odo MarmarosaOdo Marmarosa ✭✭✭✭✭
    Axe: Janeway, Anji, Feezal, Odo, Kim, Ash, Riker

    Keep: Laas, Kes, Shras, Khan, Clown
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    I’ll second Banjo’s analysis. I might keep Kes in you shoes but if you need a slot more than you need a future 4* COM ace, don’t feel bad about letting her go.
  • So Janeway and Anij were the first to feel the cold vacuum of space. And that freed up enough slots for Lt. Velaris (still Lvl 1 but 4*) and Disguised Tuvok (who is now Immortalized).
    I finally had some time to grind a little and had to drop another one for Mirror T'pol. So out went Vedic Bariel. While i did like him, as DavideBooks said, he's not top 10, or even close, in numbers or Gauntlet rolls.

    5* Checkov is still waiting in the message box to be claimed but thats a lesser priority at the moment. I can open that later. I need to work on Valeris, and clear out 3* Tuvok and Kahn to the Fridge.

    I did also pull a Lt. Ash Tyler on a voyage that I have to figure out what to do with as well. Which actually leads me to a question.
    Is having a Sec/Cmd combo the same as having Cmd/Sec for Shuttle missions? And if it is, then which is better?
    Having one Super high number regardless how low the other one is.
    Having them be close to equal. Or...
    Highest total combination.
    If it's not the same thing then how much priority is placed on the first number.

    So who will be Floated next...???
    I was thinking of making it Rogue Harry Kim, because his numbers really are abysmal. But has anyone looked at his Battle Arena skills/numbers?
    From what I've seen a shield regeneration skill on an attack character is not common and his ship bonuses are off the charts.
    Accuracy +1150
    Crit Bonus +1215
    Crit Rating +290
    Evasion +700
    I've never seen any numbers even close to this. Two skills over 1100 !!! I kinda want to equip him just to see what affect that has in the Arena. But this is the only reason I'm even considering him. Has anyone ever used him?
  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    Personally, I only have one crew kept from the freezer for arena ability. That is 1* Ogawa. (And I may be the only one in the game who uses her.) All the others have similar enough skills to others or are good enough to keep, anyway.
  • keeping crew for ship bonuses should be also crew strong for skirmish events, rather than trying to have separate crew for arena and skirmish. Kim does not have high enough +attack to be a decent skirmish crew and would take up a slot from someone who would do decent damage. I don't think many people would run an attack crew with shield regen in skirmish, especially since you often are forced to use a lousy event crew in one slot so you really need the other slots to be as strong as possible for their focused purpose (damage, accuracy and evasion).
  • IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    My general thoughts are Laas and Anij are the easiest of the ones to ditch, I will also say, and to me this is personal.... Airlock Rogue Kim, he's an absolute chroniton eating PISA, and all for rubbish stats at the end of it, if I didn't have him 4/4 at the time of the event I would have airlocked him a long time ago. I think the last one I'd choose is Ishka (unless you want to keep for ferengi collection) CMD DIP is plentiful so you'll likely pick up another better one down the line.

    As a rule I would keep any 3/4s on the off chance of getting a voyage drop. I'd also persevere with Kes at 4/4 and with good bonuses she will hit 1k base CMD I use her plenty of times for shuttle dailies and the odd voyage.

    PS Shras has decent voyage, shuttle and arena ability
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  • Others in this thread gave good advice, but I'll add:

    - Young Khan was on my voyage roster often for DIP/ENG Voyages. Unless you have someone to fill that gap, I'd suggest keeping him around.

    - Absolutely keep Kes, She's a useful 4* with her high CMD base.

    - Rogue Harry Kim is Innovator Trait. Keep in mind that as of this post, The collection for that trait requires at least one 5*, so you need every 4* you can get.

    - The Clown is a tough cookie. The biggest thing going for him is that he does have what I believe is #2 Base SEC for all 4* characters. I'd try to hold on to him if I could and just try to make sure I do the right voyage paths if they come up.
  • Zann CalcoreZann Calcore ✭✭✭✭
    Janeway, Anij, Laas, and Ash Tyler. That’s just my opinion.
    Weirdly enough, I’m also Vulcan Housewife. Also, RNGesus hates me, like really, REALLY hates me.
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