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What changes would YOU suggest to improve the game?



  • PeetsPeets ✭✭
    Well, after 4 years of playing IF and when I choose to pound any event to make a good placement, like under 100, I have to save resources for a month or 2 and quit at threshold on any other event to save up for it. My personal best was 68th place (skirmish) and it took about 8 hours of continued play on Monday morning (+ the rest of the weekend) and costed me about 15-20K in chrons. Now, that was hard work to achieve that. IF they were harder I would have quit. I'm not trying to play a game where I can't even work hard for good placement because now the game is harder. You may see the same top level players placing from week to week, but that's because they have $$$ OR because they have more finished. Making the events harder is just going to make more people quit playing the game all together, or at least the events.

    True, I don't think I will ever try for a top 100 spot. It takes so much time and resources.
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