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  • PeetsPeets ✭✭✭
    Well, after 4 years of playing IF and when I choose to pound any event to make a good placement, like under 100, I have to save resources for a month or 2 and quit at threshold on any other event to save up for it. My personal best was 68th place (skirmish) and it took about 8 hours of continued play on Monday morning (+ the rest of the weekend) and costed me about 15-20K in chrons. Now, that was hard work to achieve that. IF they were harder I would have quit. I'm not trying to play a game where I can't even work hard for good placement because now the game is harder. You may see the same top level players placing from week to week, but that's because they have $$$ OR because they have more finished. Making the events harder is just going to make more people quit playing the game all together, or at least the events.

    True, I don't think I will ever try for a top 100 spot. It takes so much time and resources.
  • I would like to just have the opportunity to play it on MacOS (Intel) through the Mac App Store or through Steam on Mac.

    And maybe a better support for my iphone XR screen resolution and size ratio.
  • tytlaltytlal ✭✭
    with all qualityOfLife suggestions listed here ,this one doesnt make the list for another 10years at the pace things progress,but
    it would be nice ,now that we have event hub, to have the stories that event crew weaved during events (event crew once or twice per event,faction crew outgoing and returning....) , available to read again. when i was a fresh player, i did read them all(and imagined possible outcomes, dilemmas,etc) . now,i probably notice/half-read just a few here and there(pressed by time to compete as much as possible in available time). but, on some weekdays ,i do have time to spare, and would like to return and read them all.

    no pressure, just a wish, and as you space for another tab,and all text already in a database...
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