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These are just ideas. If you don't like them, they prob. won't happen! No worries!

These are just ideas. If you don't like them, they probably won't happen! No worries!
A timeless, meaning it always existed forever back in time, machine of a grand sort, means to make sense of the STT Universe and make it all it can be. How to you interface with it? A computer, a hologram, an android, Lt. Barclay, ... Only maybe don't presume too much, for it is a machine and possibly flawed? Do you believe there should be a All High God in Timelines, not only Omnipotent Q? What do you think of the Vedek's of Bajor's religion? Do really see aliens as equals, or more a potential threat? I see STT as a microcosm of the world We live in today; shouldn't We strive for higher ideals? Like unity, justice, freedom, equality, law, order, less violence, and a good way of working together well and getting things done amongst Captains (players,) all crew and noncrew? Even if things were perfect in the STT Universe, isn't there room for challenges and exploration, etc.? I'm all for seeking out new life, and new civilizations or will they just arrive too? Lastly, I'd like to be able to make holoprograms, in 3-D, like mini adventures or voyages for other players; I know I've mentioned this before, but couldn't we have a construction set for just such a thing? OK, so I'm dreaming maybe..but maybe one fine day, one or more of the ideas - if they have any merit - will work their way into STT. DB knows best, so seriously no worries - they're good at discerning what works and what doesn't. If none of these thoughts on things work, I hope it inspires someone else to come up with something viable! Live Long and Prosper! -Future Turen Counterpoint
Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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