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Event Ranked Rewards Change

Greetings, Captains!

With the upcoming Mega-Event "Photonic Fantasies," we are introducing a change to the ranked rewards structure.

Starting with "Pygmalion", the Hybrid event that will kick off our upcoming Mega-Event, the ranked rewards will no longer include the featured Legendary crew for the current event. Instead, ranked rewards will include the Legendary crew featured in the next event.

For example, for the Pygmalion event, top-ranking players will be able to earn the following week’s Legendary crew, Gloria, instead of the featured Legendary crew, Tuxedo Nog.

Developer's comment:
With this change we want to make the ranked rewards more enticing to players who invest in the featured crew early on, while also providing an opportunity for everyone to compete towards a crew who will serve them well in the following event.

This is the only change to the ranked rewards structure at this time. The number of crew awarded at each rank and the Super Rare and Rare crew that are awarded will remain unchanged.

Developer's comment:
We are looking forward to your feedback about this new ranked rewards structure. The threshold rewards change we made for the rerun of the "Family Tree" event was positively received and we are committed to providing the same structure in future reruns! As with any changes we will review their effects. We may make additional adjustments to get us closer to our goal of creating exciting and engaging experiences for all players.

Thank you for playing,



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