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  • AmbrosiaPrime ✭ April 1

    Ambrosia Wrote on April 1st, 2019

    “Funny how we are playing a game which is based on a reality where money is not a factor; and yet there is no doubt that this is a game where money is the main factor. I also noticed a good many fascist comments in the in game chat room which if I am not mistaken is also the opposite of what the vision of Star Trek is meant to be and why we love it so much. Someone enlighten me please.”


    I started this Newbie forum discussion last October, 2018. My Avatar name is rr-RishScot.

    Your comment is one of the most, if not the most accurate comment about this game ever written. In addition, your comment stands out due to its truth of being one of the more sadly ironic as well.

    There exists a tremendous quantity of quality people playing this game. Unfortunately, due to the pursuit of short term greed oriented game traits rather than profitable long term growth game planning, the design of the game brings out the worst of what exists in us all. These ‘tremendous quantity’ of quality people mentioned earlier are people more akin to Star Trek’s philosophy. Sadly, they remain mostly silent against what it is that you see in your observations.

    Gene Roddenberry is rolling around in his grave at the depth (heights) of how this game is dominated by bringing out the worst in us.

    Having 3 Tribbles, 5 first place finishes and numerous top 10 finishes since beginning to play in October 2018, I know first hand how this game is anti-Star Trek. I quit the Ruffrider Fleet 10 days ago due to circumstances and deeds done by my former friend, the Admiral of the fleet who at best is solely amoral. I’m not sure which one created the other. The Chicken (Admiral Ruffrider) or the Egg (The Game).

    My best advice to you is to find something else to do with your time.

    Respectfully yours,

    May 3, 2019

    Post Script

    Anyone can feel free to copy Ruffrider on this missive. As he told a competitor just a few weeks ago while he bragged online that 3 of us Ruffrider’s took away her 1,1,1 Tribble in the last 30 minutes of an event and was taunting her later that she did not have the money the Ruffriders have. I say send it to him. There is no slander libel. Only truth. Besides, I’m the one with the money. I would use it willingly to expose truth.
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