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Different Type of Mega: Galactic Duelist Tournament

So earlier today I posted about how I'd like to see a Duras character added, preferably "Katana Duras." It got me thinking it would be cool to see Katana Duras and Civil War Worf paired up against each other, and that got me thinking about how many Duelist variant characters there are in the game, and how it would be cool to see some type of competition between them.

So if we had a mega-event, this is how it could go...

Week one: Three factions (Federation, Klingon, Terran Empire), fighting against each other. Winning faction moves on to week three. Rewards: 4* Civil War Work, 4* Insurrection Lorca, 5* Katana Duras

Week two: Three factions (Hirogen, Dominion, Bajoran) fighting against each other. Winning faction moves on to week three. Rewards: 4* Ikat'ika, 4* Hajur (Hirongen from Tsunkatse), 5* Li Nales.

Week three: Two factions, winners from weeks one and two. Winning faction moves on to week four. Characters more judgment or spectator themed themed, so maybe like 4* Kurros, 4* Galt, and 5* Penk.

Week four is the payoff: Winning faction from week three is associated new character, 5*, four of which are in threshold (e.g. Parrises Squares Yar, Mirror Sulu, Furel, etc). The ranked rewards 5* could be Kid Chaos, Pendari Champion, or something similar.

So instead of having the event 5* each week, it's all paid out at the end. But maybe to encourage participation, 5* used by the mega 5* character could be dropped as a top threshold (200000 points maybe). Logistically, the stats for the mega 5* could chosen in advance and the artwork be done be done later, so maybe a rerun event would be needed between weeks three and four.

Obviously not completely thought out, but would mix things up a little.

My 8-Point STT Strategy:

1. Voyage.
2. Have fun. If something isn't fun, don't do it.
3. Only pursue characters I care about.
4. Contribute to the fleet.
5. No more spending beyond monthly cards.
6. Have fun.
7. Voyage.
8. Have fun!


  • It's a fun idea in theory, but we have the experience that anytime DB has had to rush to put something together last minute somebody gets screwed and the babies start crying for two weeks until some massive change happens that makes other people cry.
    Leaving so much unplanned based on rewards in your stated system would be inviting disaster.
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