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Captain level bonus

No 250 chrons reward for Captain advancement. Now they raise to your recharge limit (NOTHING IF YOU ARE OVER). Thanks for nothing you CHEAP BUMS. Keep nuking the rewards and we will see who's buying with real money, NO ONE.


  • If you didn't receive your bonus chrons for a Captain level up, you should submit a ticket, not a rant. I just leveled up to 75 & got my usual 250 chrons & credits. Any level over I believe 60 or 62 doesn't show on the screen but the rewards are actually there.

    I want to become a Dilionaire...
  • Just got level 76, but no chron increase
  • Did you check your before and after? You may want to screenshot those when you are getting close to leveling up. Many of my level ups have not shown it on the screen, but they did reward correctly.

    This latest one is the first time in a long time is was anything other than black space under the captain level, but it did show the chron logo, and I know for a fact that the chrons were rewarded.

    Again, submit a ticket if you think they are not there.

    I want to become a Dilionaire...
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