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Sale Request: Voyage Revives

I really like the voyage revive items. We haven't got any in the mail for a while, so I got to thinking about a sale. So let's talk price point.

For starters, there may need to be a limit of one purchase since voyage extensions get more valuable deeper into a voyage. For that reason, selling a bunch at a time may not be a great idea. So for all of us who like to make those small purchases and think that Voyages are awesome, this could be very popular.

I've been playing about six months and I can hit the 8-hour mark about half the time. My first rivival costs between 90 and 100 dilithium. Four extensions would cost somewhere in the 450 to 500 neighborhood. 430 dilithium costs $5 (US). So $5 seems to be a decent price for 4 revivals. Revivals can't be used to buy packs or faction items, so the small inflation doesn't seem unreasonable.

And I can't help but mention that the recent $25 legendary sales have some of us feeling a little left out. This could be something for those of us who just aren't feeling the $25 purchases. And what's better than getting some $25 purchases? Getting those same purchases PLUS the $5 crowd making purchases.

Please consider it, DB. It would nice to get a fresh new sale.
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  • /SSR/ Pasty/SSR/ Pasty ✭✭✭✭✭
    My feeling is that voyage revival tokens are designed to be of more help in fixing stuck/broken voyages. They can be issued in certain situations to help ease complication due to in game bugs;

    1- Longer Voyages getting stuck loading a dilemma. Instead of issueing compensation they could decide to give tokens.

    2- if DB have to reset the servers, causing an auto recall, the tokens act as a gesture to mitigate the dil that players may accidentaly used on a refill when it occurred.

    Not that I’m against being able to buy them (they’d need to be cheap and plentiful), but I think they’re meant as a bandaid rather than a reward.
  • Althea BiermontAlthea Biermont ✭✭✭✭✭
    I wouldn't mind if they sold revival tokens as long as they didn't automatically get used and I had a choice between using a token or using dilithium.
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