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Suggestion for Mega Event

The temporal anomaly is causing premature ageing; up to the various crews to resolve the cause.

Most of the series have some of the characters who’ve aged and are either travelling back from the future or are looking back to the past. Characters include: Admiral Riker, Irumodic Syndrome Picard, Beverley Picard, Author Jake Sisko, Captain Nog etc.

There are others we haven’t seen: Aged Troi (Man of the People), Insect Bite Vash (Q-Less), Deaf Q & Governor Worf (All Good Things), Captain Kim & Senile Tuvok (Endgame), Lieutenant Commander Icheb (Shattered), hyper aged Kirk, Scott etc from The Deadly Years, Interspatial Parasite Archer, Captain Tucker et al (Twilight), Admiral Mark Jamison (Too Short A Season).

This could include a new trait ‘aged’. The recurring character would be Aged Dr Pulaski from Unnatural Selection.

As for ships - I’d love to see the Tarellian Plague Ship as it was a pretty unique ship. Or perhaps to for in with the theme of being old, TinMan.
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