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Funny (utter nonsense) but VERY ANNOYING translations #FAILS

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Hi, Timeline gals ...
I thought I start this little discussion on here, in the hope, that DB finally takes notice of it.

I tweeted them in the last weeks a few times, but only got ONE "indirect" response, when I noticed, that they have renamed the Event Pack back to its original name.

Lately, I noticed, that DB uses an overwhelming amount of "computer generated" - most probably using Google Translate, Bing Translate or such. What those lack in functionality is, that they are very bad in using context in a sentence and just translate the most possible word and swap it. Okay, there is some logic nowadays - but still, they most times come up with just utter nonsense translations.

I do not know if @Shan or Prince have a German native speaker in its team (or second language) or have a Quality Management person to look over the data in the first place, but hey ... here are some of the most annoying and funny translation errors on packs.

That said: I do not understand why the packs get translated. Reading the original English will make more sense to most Germans than a wrong and bad translation which makes NO SENSE at all ... utter nonsense as I mentioned above.

On October 19th, you offered the German Players the
  • "Teig oben"
Pack which translates to "Pastry Dough Above" ...


Luckily you changed it back one day later to the "Batter up" original.

Just last weekend, DB introduced us to two new packs:
  • "Der Kapitän Ochse" (The Captain Ox/Bullock)
  • "Viereck" (Rectangle)

Well, DB never introduced us to Captain Bullock or told us his Stats on Command or Security ... well, obviously there is NO Captain Ox Bullock.
Or was that a secret spoiler, telling us that Sandra Bullock will join the crew on Star Trek Discovery? I doubt it.


Sorry, I replaced the "Head of Captain Harryman" with the Ox ...


The "Rectangle Pack" was not so funny but still awfully off.


Well, and the new Pack is not better.

"Der Eid des Hauptmanns" (The Oath of the Head-Man / The Oath of the army captain / The Oath of the Navy Lieutenant)


So @Shan
  1. Why translate them in the first place, if they are most times just utter nonsense "translations" or "random words put together"?
  2. Why not ask someone to spell check or come up with a translation idea for a pack, if you want to offer the service of a geo-location-translated pack? I guess, there might be some available on your staff ... not to mention your german customer support agents. If you fear, packs could leak, just send them random "pack names" to come up with and use them when needed. (or drop me a line ... I would be happy to work freelance with you, translating e.g. also the voyage logs texts ...
  3. Why is there not ANY response on Twitter? A little acknowledgment would have told me, that some folks took notice of it ... this way I had to invest my time in writing on this forum ...

Thank you for your attention and maybe DB can invest also its time, to reduce these errors? Its not that difficult. I know you can!

Thank you for your considerations

(And some are funny and hilarious translation errors, wouldn't you agree?)


  • Thank you for taking the time to report this on Twitter and on our forums, it has been brought up and we are working on improvement for this process.
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    Shan wrote: »
    Thank you for taking the time to report this on Twitter and on our forums, it has been brought up and we are working on improvement for this process.

    Thank you @Shan
    I really appreciate your acknowledgment, especially at a time like right now with the "Event Result Fix "mess up".
  • @Shan Sorry to "call you out" again on such short notice, but sadly your team messed it up AGAIN. A BIG mess up.

    Do REAL people work at your company?
    You replied just yesterday on this forum, that you try to do better with translations.

    [DSEF] dax0r posted something about "Pinaror Data's" naming above and ... well, I have to act on that.

    Today, I really want to vomit about this new translation error. It was so not required.
    We got a new crewmember:

    "H.M.S. Pinafore (Lt.Cmd.) Specifications" (HMS-Pinafore-Daten)

    WHY do you translate surnames in the first place???

    Daten is the German word for specifications, information and general, collected data ... well, there you go again a wrong google machine translation ... this time for a "Crew" and not pack.


    Oh, and why HMS (minus) Pinafore(minus) "Specifications"???

    That would be the (kind of) correct naming for a "Ship pack" of specifications to build the "Starship Pinafore". It would be very funny if you came up with a spaceship "Flying Dutchmen", the translation for a person (or android in this case) is totally wrong.

    And HMS: Your team did not translate to its proper German equivalent?
    H.M.S. => Her Majesty Ship => Seiner Majestät Schiff => S.M.S

    DONT!!! Just seeing the illogic on "name translations"

    The correct translation is:
    • H.M.S. Pinafore Data

    Could you please notify the programming team to change its name in the "German Database" file? That would be lovely!

    (no use of a minus and add the points if its enough space, please ... as this is the correct name of Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert comic opera)

    A british tar ... to listen to

    "...and his fist be ever ready for a knock-down blow."
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    "Office and dexterity" pack?

    "Methoden und Fähigkeiten" would be correct and make sense
  • FWIW, this post has seriously made my day 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
  • I'm waiting for a new Archer btw.

    How about from that episode antaak is from. where he get's injected with this augment antigen and a klingon forehead is forming on his forehead

    You could call him "Klingon Archer" or in German "Klingonischer Bogenschütze".
    Deep Space Exploration Fleet - German Casual Fleet
    Created a kingdom. Reached for the wisdom. Failed in becoming a god.
  • I’m guessing they have to be very careful when translating bird-of-prey...
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