REMINDER: STAR TREK TIMELINES will be temporarily offline for a required maintenance on Tuesday, February 25.

The maintenance will last approximately one hour and will occur between 6am ET (11:00 UTC) and 7am ET (12:00 UTC). Players who are in game when the maintenance is due to begin will be logged out.

V6.1.0. Client Release Notes

Greetings, Captains!

Version 6.1.0 of STAR TREK TIMELINES is now live! Be aware that it could take up to 48 hours for it to propagate to all app stores/platforms. For Facebook/Gameroom the update will be automatic.

This update contains new features and changes that will be enabled on Tuesday, November 13 after a server release. Make sure to update before then.

- New feature: Requisition Shuttles!
With this feature all players will have the opportunity to rent, using Dilithium or a specific token, one-use Shuttles.

- New Shuttle Boost: The Legendary Reward Multiplier will double your shuttle mission rewards without adding any runtime. This item cannot be used during Galaxy events.

- Addition of a new achievement for reaching Honored reputation in Factions!

- Addition of tutorials for the Faction Center, Faction Reputation, Faction missions, Shuttle Rental, and Shuttle Boosts.

Thank you for playing!

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