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Complaint about the Event Pack Pop-Up

Would it be possible to redesign or remove the event pack pop-up? I don't know why it happened this time, and never before for me, but there was a lag in the pop-up showing up when I logged in to collect my free 25 chrons at 10:00 EST, so while trying to select the Daily Missions button to get my free stuff, I inadvertently clicked the event 10x pull for 650 dilithium as it popped-up. I've submitted a ticket in hopes of having everything reversed, but it seems like dirty pool to have to buttons overlaid in the layout, or at least have an "are you sure?" decision check for this window. I'd prefer that the pop-up take you to the time portal to show you the packs, and not have anything directly purchasable from this window. I've included a blended screenshot to show how much the two buttons overlap in the screen layout.

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