No crew share shown on Faction events

Okay, as admiral of one of my players I am stepping in to get this issue resolved! This has gone on for MONTHS with one of my players not being able to receive a share during faction events. He has filed tickets with CS to no avail. It has not been fixed yet. And he continues to play and loses out on REWARDS every faction event because he cannot use the share from his squad leader. Please look into this and correct this before the next faction event. His name is Bivitar.



  • Princess TristaPrincess Trista ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Still nothing? omg if this happened in any of our stores, our board would have terminated all of the managers in question. This actually could be construed as negligence on DBs part in not allowing a player to play the same as everyone else, as it has been going on now for SIX months.
  • Another faction event this week, and yet our fleet member still does not have the ability to use a crew share. This is completely unfair to him.
  • This is still an ongoing issue. Is anyone in Tech?
  • Princess TristaPrincess Trista ✭✭✭✭
    And yet another month goes by with no contact, and nothing being done. This is really sad. I may have to contact Tilting Point directly.
  • Does anyone work in engineering?
  • Sometimes we are unable to reproduce an issue encountered by players, especially when it seems to be related to only one player.
    And so far this is the case for this particular issue.
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