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Faction Missions screen re-design

[SFW] Quick Claude[SFW] Quick Claude ✭✭✭
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Sorry, but I for one am not happy with the Faction Mission screen re-design. The Crew images are now too small - which on smaller devices makes the bonus icon's REALLY small. It's difficult to pick boosts when you can't easily tell if that is a med or secutiy icon below the image.

Also, the one thing I keep seeing players ask for, is the ability to delete unused faction missions from the que. And that still hasn't been done. I'm curious why? You are not out anything if people have that choice.



  • [SFW] Quick Claude[SFW] Quick Claude ✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Also, now when you view a mission that is in progress, the crew is too darkened out to be able to see who's on the shuttle.
  • I don't know if there are other features coming for that dead space, but, on your phone, it is really difficult to use. I don't like it either...

    @Nerfball6 DB added boosts for replicator fodder, If I understand your point correctly, maybe unused faction transmissions could go for the replicator?
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