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Post-Combs Event - Other Character Actor Events/Packs

RogueAngylRogueAngyl ✭✭✭
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It's hard to argue with the impact that Jeffrey Combs has had on Trek over the years. I think next week's Combs' event is well earned as there are other Combs Characters we still won't have in game.

However, there are other actors who have had significant impact over the years that could be worked into the game as a group. Some actors have had guest appearances as Ferengi before and after their major runs, such as Armin Shimmerman and Max Grodénchik both twice in TNG and Ethan Philips in TNG and ENT. Clint Howard was famously creepy in TOS, but has also been seen in DS9 and STD.

Four actors really stand out for special events/packs: Marc Alaimo, JG Hertzler, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, and (perhaps most importantly due to underrepresentation) Vaughn Armstrong.

Marc Alaimo:

3* Klingon Dukat
4* Bajoran Dukat Anjohl Tennan
4* Breen Dukat
4* Dominion Dukat
5* Cult Leader Dukat

Could be added:

Ambassador Badar N'D'D

Commander Tebok

Gul Macet

Frederick La Rouque

Burt Ryan

JG Hertzler:

4* General Martok
5* Changeling Martok
5* 23rd Century Martok
2* Fleet Commander Martok
4* Laas
4* Kolos

Could be added:
Captain of the Saratoga (Captain Storil on Memory Beta)

Hirogen Fighter (Hajur?)

Roy Rittenhouse

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry

1* Nurse Chapel
4* Doctor Chapel
4* Commander Chapel
3* Lwaxana Troi
4* Festive Lwaxana
5* Ambassador Troi

Could be added:
Number One

Lt. M'Ress

TOS Computer

TNG Computer

Vaughn Armstrong

2* Telek R'Mor (seriously, this is all we have of him!!!!)

Could be added:
Admiral Maxwell Forrest

And just sooooo many more...

Seriously, how do we only have a 2* one-shot character for this actor!

My 8-Point STT Strategy:

1. Voyage.
2. Have fun. If something isn't fun, don't do it.
3. Only pursue characters I care about.
4. Contribute to the fleet.
5. No more spending beyond monthly cards.
6. Have fun.
7. Voyage.
8. Have fun!


  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    It is borderline criminal that we don’t have some Forrest variants (Mirror Captain Forrest, NX Project Commodore Forrest, and a basic Admiral Forrest all make sense), never mind his many other roles.

    Other legendary Trek guest stars are Randy Oglesby and Thomas Kopache. Kopache’s roles seem to be a little more obscure but he’s right up there in number of appearances with Combs, Armstrong, and Oglesby.
  • I'd love all of these. Fantastic idea!
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