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Server Release Notes 11/13 and Faction Event Threshold rewards changes.

Greetings, Captains,

v6.1.0 is now required to play STAR TREK TIMELINES and all the following features are now live:

Requisition Shuttles: with this feature all players will have the opportunity to rent, using Dilithium or a specific token, one-use Shuttles. If the option is not available to you, make sure to restart your game.

New Shuttle Boost: Legendary Reward Multiplier will double your shuttle mission rewards without adding any runtime. This item cannot be used during Galaxy events.

New achievement for reaching Honored reputation in Factions! Please note that if you were already logged in when this server went live, you will need to wait until a new day starts to see this achievement.

New tutorials for the Faction Center, Faction Reputation, Faction missions, Shuttle Rental, Shuttle Boosts, Crew Reenlistment, Earning Honor, and the Honor Hall.

Threshold rewards changes for Faction events, and hybrid Faction/Galaxy events.
Starting with the upcoming faction event "Peldor Joi" we were making the following changes to threshold rewards with the following additions:

VP 12,500 - added 1 Requisition Shuttle token
VP 52,000 - added 1 Requisition Shuttle token
VP 180,000 - 2 Requisition Shuttle tokens, 2 Legendary 2x Reward Multiplier
VP 210,000 - 150,000 Credits
VP 215,000 - 1,500 Honor
VP 300,000 - 1 Voyage Revival token
Vp 350,000 - 1 10x Premium Pull

As with any changes of this type we will assess how they perform and make additional changes as needed. Likewise we are also planning on some similar changes for other types of events. Ranked rewards changes for the top 1000 players have not been forgotten, they will be part of a future update.

Thank you for playing,

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