Something that you can earn honor from

I don't really have a mechanic but as a roughly newish player I can say that earning honor seems almost impossible. I would have to wait 18 weeks to get a single super rare star and that's insane. I don't know how anyone is supposed to max super rares with that kind of wait and earning that legendary seems out of the question. Sure there are a few things you get honor from but overall you don't get remotely enough to come close to actually getting anything on the rarer side.


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    These days, honor is fairly easy to acquire. Daily missions, fleet targets, voyages, free pulls from gauntlet - once you're a more established player, these are all good sources of honor. When you're new, everything seems impossible to get.
  • HaBlackHaBlack ✭✭✭✭
    This is how it looks for me

    Daily missions 200 honors
    Starbase daily 200 honors (average, I miss a lot because of time zone)
    3 Voyages/day (with just 2 dillemas an average) 210 honors
    Vaulting unneeded characters daily (from Voyages and pulls) 425 honors (daily average)

    Total 1035 honors daily on average

    or 49 days for 1 legendary citation...

    Someone could say it is too slow...
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