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Mega event ranking

Would it be possible to post an excel with the mega event ranking?
Sum of all vp earned during the events, than sorted?

I'm not asking for additional in-game rewards (yet...) the possibility of a 4/5* is allready great, but it would bring the 4 events nicely toghether. Now a mega event still feels too much like seperate events.

And on a side note, with the first events, screenshots where posted of the player ranks, but then it was stopped (for whatever reason). It's nice we can find our rank history under the fleet history, but what is rank? withouth knowing how much vp you had to invest.
Also an excel is easier to do earches on.

Or could player ranks be added to the wiki, I believe Shan has access to the wiki as well.
Such information could give players a better idea as how much to invest to get a better rank.
It could convince players to go the extra mile and pay, and others to not pay. Instead of players who payed leaving feeling cheated cause despite having payed still have 'horrible' rewards


  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Woah! I love the idea of a ranking of the overall mega event. That’s an awesome idea, but I do believe it should be rewarded. Anyone ranking high will have invested time and money to score so high on the sum of all four events. Perhaps a whole different set of crew as those ranked rewards such as Burnham being the legendary reward. Then a super rare such as Landry as the second ranked reward. It simply can be set up just as the event ranked rewards are.
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