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5* Begold Advice - Lt. Com. Dax Vs 2nd* Jaz Musician Odo

So what are people's thoughts on Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax? She's not top ten science but i think she's #16 base overall. Which isn't bad. If I do take her though she's going to be a permanent part of my crew since I'll have no way to freeze her.
I do have a 4* Surak, 4* Sarina Douglas and a 4* Prosspect Michael Burnham all three of which have better base and voyage stats until I would Fuze Lt Com Dax to 4/5* I also have a 4* David Marcus, Wedding T'Pol and 1/5* Mirror TPol, not to mention a 2/4* 1701 Jadzia, so I'm not hurting for Science. And Dax isn't a help for me in the Gauntlet. So at 1/5* she would basically be talking up space or playing 2nd or 3rd string shuttle crew.
On the up side she is a 5* Dax. And She's a Pilot, so I can level her and use her in the Mega. Then there's the idea of making space for her by Airlocking my 2/4* 1701 Jadzia.

My other option seems less fun, but I could just add a 2nd star to Jazz Musiscian Odo. And although i like the Dax character I think this might be the more logical choice so as to not clog up crew space.

I'd love to hear all your thoughts!
Thanks =)


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