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New Year's Absolution

There it is, DB.
In exactly one more week I will have played your game for one full year and visibly noticed my blood pressure go up and recordable sleep hours go down.

Net value? I was dumbstruck last week when I asked myself "What do I actually play this game for?" and could not identify one solid reason out of ten minutes thought.

After this mega I resolve to find a new hobby I actually enjoy that does not raise my stress. Two critical points that Timelines has utterly failed to achieve.

Ta-ta, everyone. I had some great laughs with many of you.


  • Adiós. It was a blast having you here with us.

    Our roads may lead different paths, but we'll always have the Cosmic Knights and AF.
  • ???
    wonder if he will be back
    DB needs to fire the Ferrengi and higher more Engineers, Rom doesn't count.
    [FSC] Peace Keepers
    Gryphon [****] Adm
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