Anonymous Revenge is looking for new captains (Starbase lv 115)

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Our fleet is currently looking for one new player. We are a bunch of very different people from all over the world, mostly lv 60+ players that have been around since 2016. The fleet name was chosen by our previous admiral, but we are actually very calm and friendly people :D

Our main goal is to unlock all daily fleet rewards and enjoy playing Timelines. We have no requirements for event participation, VIP level or time zone.

What we offer:
- starbase lv 115
- a fleet chat on Discord with tips and resources (it's not a requirement to join it)
- a friendly environment
- possibility to take vacations whenever real life gets in the way (just let us know about it in the in-game chat or on Discord)

What we expect:
- players should be active at least 5 days a week and reach 80 daily targets on those days
- players can be daily active, by doing at least 35 daily targets (if you log in to the game and donate 700 components to the starbase, you're already at 35)

Other random stuff:
- we don't rearrange squadrons for events, but we have a couple of squadrons that tend to be competitive.
- our fleet rank in events is usually around 100
- socializing is welcome, but not compulsory. One of our best players has yet to say a word in the chat :)
- we have players who speak Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.
- Discovery fans, Janeway fans, and Enterprise fans are welcome :)

If you're interested, please contact me on here or add me on STT (my username is the same)!


Our starbase bonuses:

Industrial Replicator: maxed
Transporter Room: maxed
Mess Hall: maxed
Main Engineering: maxed
Astrometrics: +9%
Sick Bay: +9%
Ops: +9%
Observation Lounge: +8%
Armory: +8%
Computer Core: +8%
Promenade: +8%
Counselor's Office: +8%
Airponics Bay: +8%
Communications Array: +8%
Deflector Array: +8%


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