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Server and patch release notes 01/02

Greetings, Captains,

With today's server and patch releases, the following changes have been made to the game:


• New achievement for reaching Honored Reputation with each faction! This achievement lists 15 Factions as opposed to the 14 currently available in-game. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding this soon-to-be-added new Faction.

Bug fixes:

• Item change for Locutus - Artificial Heart 5* has been replaced with Locutus' Cortical Node 5*.
New FF/FE level 100 skills: DIP 847 (399-783), SEC 874 (247-492), SCI 351 (242-610).
• Item changes for Commander Spock.
New FE level 100 skills: CMD 145 (37-163), SCI 253 (25-113).
• The “Get Menu” will not show Borg Transmissions as a potential source for some items… for now.
• Daily Rewards for January 2019 are updated.

Thank you for playing!

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