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YAWN !! Boring Fleet Looking for disinterested players ..... Yawn!


Red Matter Solution to Everything is the most boring fleet in the game

We don’t talk, don’t chat, ignore each other, don’t contribute to the Starbase ( level 1.07) and climbing.

Alice never ever mentions disgusting innuendo or alludes to drinking and parties.

The fleet has more on the outside of ships than the Klingon thingy ship.

Only useless players should join.

2 vacancies as of 10.20 whatever today’s date is, anyway
Off for a nap now.


  • Sexy AliceSexy Alice ✭✭
    edited January 4
    ‘‘Tis the 4th of January and all through the land,
    Player are searching for a fleet with a phone in their hand.
    We have a vacancy so join us real quick
    We will name fantastic or maybe just Mick.

    Made up on the spur of the moment!

    Are we boring ....... Yes we Are.

    Look for [RM] Alice Recruiting the game.
  • 2rtofqpkz7al.jpeg
    I’m watching you too.
  • Sexy AliceSexy Alice ✭✭
    edited January 5

    Bend me over backwards on the hostess trolley!

    Hi I’ve walked the dog and had a nap
    The bacon is frying and I’ve had a crap.
    I’ve got a new iPhone it’s driving me funny
    Join the fleet full of milk and honey.

    Saturday 5th January

    4 Vacancies ....... If you are boring ...... this is your home!

    More Vogon Poetry is coming.
  • Do you know your warp from your weft?
    If you do there is one spot left!

    Classic rhythm and blues.
    I want you, you, you.


  • Sunday 6th January 2019

    Vogon poetry is placed hold!
    RedMatter fleet is full (of gold)

    Boring fleet requires no more
    Don’t beat a path up to my door.

    When we have a vacancy I will let you know,
    And as for now, I have to go.

    Dog need walking.

    Thanks for your awesome votes....... Alice.
  • Just one space,
    That’s all it takes
    Is just one space
    And be at my place.

    I’m sure this is a song!

    But Jake & Elwood Blues didn’t perform it.

  • 21st May 2019.

    It’s that time again, after five months of not loosing a fleet member, four have gone in a few days, we are down to 46/50.

    So any boring players that are barely awake, and are able to press the odd button, you know that. Fleet "Red Matter Solution to Everything" ...... yawn!

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