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Rare Alcohol - Operation Isolate mission display bug

When looking at rare alcohol missions to select and warp, the Operation Isolate Elite mission is listed twice, while the Normal difficulty mission is not listed. I don't know if one of these 2 elite missions is supposed to be the Normal mission but is displayed incorrectly, or if it's actually listing the same mission twice in error instead of showing the Normal option (which does drop rare alcohol)?


  • This is a bug with the mission display list. This shows up for a LOT of items. Not just Alcohol. We've been reporting and asking to fix this since they added the mission list to items. How long as that been? Two years? More? It's been a while. DB isn't interested in fixing this one.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Darxide pretty much covered it. It’s one of two major bugs with the mission list that have never been addressed, with the other relating to rare rewards missions getting duplicated (but the duplicate has a fake drop chance listed where it doesn’t belong). You’ll have to manually navigate to the mission through the galaxy map in order to use Normal difficulty, which the wiki indicates has a drop rate roughly twice that of Elite difficulty.

    It also looks like more data is needed to see if one of the new Infinity missions has an even better drop rate than Operation Islate on Normal.
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