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Replay Expeditions as Skirmish Hybrids

For those of us who dig Expeditions, it's been disappointing to know that not only are no more full ones planned, but that none of the previous ones will be replayed. The recent Skirmish/Expedition Hybrid, "Presents and Futures 3: Auld Lang Syne", got me thinking. Skirmishes are very much in the same spirit as Expeditions. They're also popular since they're so lucrative. So maybe we could compromise for replays? This would cover:

"Ribbon of Joy"
5* Age of Sail Crusher
4* Dr. Tolian Soran

"Holograms Are Forever"
5* Bashir, Julian Bashir [Featured Crew, but not in Rank Rewards]
5* Jazz Musician Odo
4* Waitress Ezri

"Merry Men"
5* Beowulf Kim [Pack only]
5* Will Scarlett
4* GI Chakotay

And may I suggest for the "Ribbon of Joy" replay that in the Skirmish, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B be introduced? O:)


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