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Is the v7.0.9 [Android] Gauntlet crashing for anyone else?

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I'm not sure if I should open a ticket or ask here. Android v7.0.9. When I click on the Gauntlet's Find Opponents button, the game hangs on the Hailing Starfleet spinner. Waiting 30 minutes on 4G LTE doesn't help. I can use the triple back arrow or the corner cancel button, but then all buttons become inactive, and the cancel button doesn't remove the spinner. (The back arrow does seem to remove the spinner.) Is this just me?

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    Well, it seems to be working after restarting from that glitch when I paid the 1000 credits.


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    On a positive note, it seems it now accepts 1000 credits instead of 50 merits for at least the first refresh, though I can't try it...
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    Ok, I tried paying 1000 credits to play, and it let me choose an opponent but not battle. Neither the back arrow nor my characters did anything when chosen.
  • Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Außerdem funktioniert das Supportticket Ingame nicht.
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    Ios has been freezing and crashing constantly for me since yesterday when the updates started being slowly installed. 3 times in the last 4 hours. Ridiculous. This happens every update. Glitches, crashes, malfunctions. No different than usual. As of right now i have been locked out on my ios and my kindle fire for 20 minutes. Its messing up my shuttle event and my voyage timing.
  • Bei mir funktioniert alles wieder.
  • not for me look fine
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    If this happens again, put your phone into flight mode, wait for the connection lost error message, and then take your phone out of flight mode. This normally fixes problems like this for me.
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