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Cadet Challenges Clarification and Anniversary!

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Greetings, Captains!

Due to exploit concerns, we have reverted the fix that was applied to Cadet Challenges yesterday involving ad-warps. Make sure to restart your game.

Ad-warp will remain available for Cadet Challenges, but will consume a cadet ticket as well. We are currently working on an adjustment that will add a limit to how many times ad-warp may be used for Cadet Challenges, and this adjustment would also involve ad-warps no longer consuming a cadet ticket.

Convergence Day!

Our third anniversary, also known as Convergence Day, is this Tuesday, January 15!

We hope you will be there to celebrate with us. Seven in Silver, other features and surprises, will be available on that day after a forced upgrade (v7.0.9 will be mandatory to play the game), and a forced logout.

Next Tuesday, once everything is live, a communique will be sent out with all the details, keep an eye out for it!

Thank you for playing!


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