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What we know:

It has just recently been announced that the much loved IamPicard App that offers a different GUI and offers tools to help you sort through your crew is coming under review.

Disruptor Beam has been making great efforts to curb the use of macros which could give a player an edge in events over a player who does not use a macro. This is to be applauded.

The IamPicard App creator has already confirmed that there has never been any attempt to contravene STT's ToS and that if DB asks for the App to be removed there will be no effort to fight DB over the issue. This too is to be applauded.

What we do not know:

We do not know where Disruptor Beam will land on the subject.

What we can do:

Voice your desire that Disruptor Beam would not lump all tools together and judge the IamPicard App fairly.

Tell your story about the App and it's helpfulness to you so that DB can make their decision in an informed manner.

My IamPicard story:

I was skeptical about the tool myself when it was first discussed in our fleet (Noobs of the Delta Quadrant) but eventually gave it a try. When it first loaded, I was surprised at it's usefulness and immediately felt a sense of relief over much of the mundane tasks that STT had previously demanded of me but that were now offloaded onto a tool. Many captains out there will attest to owning some sort of a spread sheet that they have used to keep track of their crew, traits, relative strengths, usefulness across missions and to overcome weaknesses in the default GUI of STT. IamPicard came to my rescue by giving me the freedom to enjoy the parts of the game that were fun while doing much of the heavy lifting for me that I had previously been doing in spread sheets.

At the same time, I began using the IamPicard app at the same time as skirmish events were introduced to us and the use of Macros became a serious issue. I found myself relieved that the creator of the App was careful to not allow the App to go against the ToS like macros do. The App does not give me a competitive edge over others in STT and I hope that Disruptor Beam is able to see that the creator has been specifically careful to make sure that it cannot be used in that fashion.

What it would mean to me if the App was to be ruled against the ToS? I honestly do not know. I have been a three year player of STT and find myself staying with the game for the community in my fleet rather than the game itself. When I installed the IamPicard app, I took a great step forward towards making my time in the game a lot less frustrating and it will feel very bad to have to take such a leap back. Will that stop me from playing the game? Probably not, but if I ever do stop playing the game, should the App be taken away because of DB's judgement on the matter, this will be one of the pivotal moments that led me to that end. In Trek terms, it would be as if the borg sphere had just made the jump back in time to the launch of the first Warp vessel. The outcome is still to be determined, but things are in motion for a bad ending. Perhaps Picard will save the day... perhaps not.

DB: If you hear me, please do not force the removal of this tool.


  • I'm not sure I'll ever bother with Gauntlet if that function's removed from iampicard. I don't have time for the tedium of it and just spam battles for the rounds to eventually get locutus.

    This game just takes too long and iampicard speeds it up. If it's removed, I just won't have as much time to waste on it, so I'll play less STT. Just item planning for crew I'm going to level with quick searches is hugely beneficial. As others have mentioned, the inventory in-game is HORRIBLE. I hope there's some middle ground to find for whatever reasons the game creators had concerns with the tool, and perhaps it will remain with a couple less features if necessary.
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    Paladin 27 wrote: »
    Regardless of what actions the tool actually does there is this section of the TOS that states the following:

    "All Software is owned by Disruptor Beam and/or its licensors. You acknowledge and agree that you may not sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer this license. You may not modify, alter or create any derivative works of any Software. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any Software, including any proprietary communications protocol used by such Software, except where and to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law"

    The tool obviously is a derivative work of the game, and it had to be created by reverse engineering the game software. The fact that DB has chosen not to enforce the TOS yet, does not mean the tool does not violate it, simply by its mere existence and creation.

    Perhaps both the TOS and IAP need to be "reviewed" in parallel.
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
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    The only good thing is that we will finally have an official response from the developers. The developer of the tool has stated that if db want it to be removed then he will comply with their request which I think is admirable. I just feel bad for the developer who has invested probably thousands of hours at this point creating and maintaining the tool and suddenly db might just decide to ban it out of the blue and this after he has been given approval from people at db who might not be around anymore.
  • cptrioscptrios ✭✭✭
    I would be ok with them removing whatever functions they found to be over a particular line - the mission warping, for example. But please, please, please don't mess with the voyage calculator. I don't know what I'd do without it.
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    Edit: Not worth it.
  • I first used the tool to help "un-stick" a Voyage when a Dilemma didn't show up correctly in game. I've had to do this several more times over the past few months.

    I find the Voyage part of the app useful for keeping an eye on my Voyage when I'm at work and can't use my phone. To my colleagues, it just looks like I'm browsing the web. I sometimes let the app pick my Voyage crew for me, but I actually prefer to do it myself in game.

    But by far the biggest use of the app I use is the Gauntlet part... simply because it's interface is much better than the in game one. This to me signifies that the Gauntlet design is "broken". It's just not a fun game to play.

    I posted a thread a few months back asking if IAmPicard broke the ToS. It got a large number of responses and divided opinion. My fear at the time was that my account would be suspended for using the tool. I was relieved to hear, at the time, that the game developers had "kinda" given it their blessing and that the developer of IAmPicard themselves had tried to comply with the spirit of the ToS.
  • S31S31 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The trouble with the game is that it takes too much time for everything.

    Opening IamPicard takes about few seconds while it takes about 40 seconds for Star Trek timelines to start. Then you always get some big flashy messages then animations for everything and so one...
  • OK, so when a voyage dilemma will glitch, we'll have no other choice but to recall it. Nice...
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    What we know:

    It has just recently been announced that the much loved IamPicard App that offers a different GUI and offers tools to help you sort through your crew is coming under review.

    I just wanted to briefly point out that DB already stated the iampicard tool was under review back in October 2018. The announcement yesterday was just that they’ve also decided to remove a discussion over it in the Ready Room, while this review appears to be continuing.

    See 2nd to last post from Shan here:

  • {ACE} Pasty{ACE} Pasty ✭✭✭✭
    I’d also like to voice my support for Iampicard as a tool and would be unhappy if it was banned.

    I find there’s too many inefficiencies in the game which make things like selecting voyage crew, playing gauntlets, analysing crew and equipment just a really dull chore.

    Without this aid, I’d definitly be cutting back purchases possibly even going to F2P.

    Maybe, as others have said, there is room for some compromise if DB could work with the developer rather than do anything hasty.
  • UluruUluru ✭✭
    Before I use the tool, I want to hear DB if it is legal.
  • {ACE} Pasty{ACE} Pasty ✭✭✭✭
    Uluru wrote: »
    Before I use the tool, I want to hear DB if it is legal.

    Until we hear what they decide from the review (which is now 4 months in), I think it’s fair to say their previous endorsement still stands.
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