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3rd Anniversary Celebrations and v7.0.9 Features!

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Greetings, Captains!

Today we are celebrating the full release of our v7.0.9 features and our 3rd Anniversary, also known as Convergence Day!

v7.0.9 features:
- Episode 9 and the Borg faction are now available. Enjoy these new missions.

3rd Anniversary Gifts:
- Head over to the Time Portal to claim your FREE Seven in Silver!

FF/FE level 100 ENG 1249 (230-480), SCI 1031 (150-365)
FE 1/5 level 100 ENG 870 (230-480), SCI 583 (150-365)
Traits: Human, Borg, Civilian, Federation, Astrophysicist

- Spot is our very special 3rd Anniversary avatar! He is available today for those of you who were with us from the start. For everyone else, Spot will be available after your account has existed for three years.

Free crew slots and crew slot sale:
- Today, all Captains were granted <b>5 free additional crew slots</b>. This increases the base total to 80.

We have also added 5 more tiers of purchasable crew slots for a total of 58 purchasable tiers.

Last but not least: all tiers of purchasable crew slots are now 50% OFF, and this sale lasts until Thursday, January 17 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC).

Elusive Treasures packs are back!
These packs offer a great opportunity to obtain some of our Limited-Time crew! Limited-time crew are crew not yet available in our regular Premium Packs in the Time Portal.

"Elusive Treasures" packs will be available until Tuesday January 22. Each 10-pack offers 10 Beholds for a Super Rare or Legendary crew, and guarantees at least one Legendary Limited-Time crew among those listed in the pack info text.

Please note as of 12:20pm, we have taken down the Elusive Treasure pack temporarily to investigate a bug where 10x pulls weren't providing the guaranteed legendary behold. If you purchased an offer for Elusive Treasures, your account still has the entitlement and you will be able to redeem the pack when it's added back to the Time Portal following the fix.

Update: As you may know, there was an issue earlier today where the Elusive Treasures 10x pack was not always providing the guaranteed legendary behold after opening a 10x pull. The affected players had this issue addressed and the fixed pack is now back up in the Time Portal. The limited-time offer for Elusive Treasures has been extended from 12 hours from the first time you log(ged) in after noon today to 24 hours. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for playing, and here's to another year of Timelines!


Edit: formatting and bug update with Elusive Treasures pack
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