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BeGold Advice: Pike or Ambassador Troi?

So I have Pike at two stars. But Ambassador Troi has some appeal for Gauntlet. Which would you choose? A third star for Pike or new gauntlet crew?


  • Pike ought to have some event appeal going forward, though how much is anyone's guess. He is a pretty weak card overall though, as is Troi, though she is primarily a Gauntlet card, so the bases don't matter quite so much, and you only need the one star to have her at full usefulness. Given that she hits 65% crit fairly often, I would probably lean Troi.
  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    To be honest, in these types of situations where the two choices aren't great (what was the third choice?) and you're not certain ... I'd always add stars.

    - Ambassador Troi might be okay in the Gauntlet now (she's only 2 skill, Minuet has her covered) but I'm certain you'll get better options in the future that are 3-skill crew (e.g. in the vein of Locutus or Bartender Guinan) and then you're just stuck with a near useless 2-skill 1/5.

    - As for Pike ... yeah, he's not great, but at least you're a decent way into immortalising him.

    Another choice can be to just pick the crew you like and not worry too much about stats (for me that's again Pike, out of these two choices, but that's personal preference). That's why I have Orion Vina, Suliban Reed, Mirror Reed etc. on my crew ...

    Or you could go for the mystery third choice.

    But, there's not really a "right" answer, especially in a case like this.
  • bluetibbluetib ✭✭✭
    Thanks for input!

    I did go for Troi. I lack 'good' gauntlet crew so I settled on that. I had gone in intending to just 'add a star' to someone but I'll get Pike there at some point.

    I already forgot who the third was, I recall it was a really old card that I had no interest in.
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