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I saw in the original video for skirmishes that the ship explosions actually looked kinda nice. That one was the official one they posted here:

My graphics for ship explosions look considerably worse on both the iPhone and PC/Steam versions.

In the video, it shows big orange explosions, a heat warp effect and a praxis effect. Then there is some dust and debris. Looks decent. In my version of the game, I get a little bit of dust and debris and sometimes a flying model of debris. It looks awful.

Now, with the most recent skirmish and the introduction of the Scimitar, I get better graphics (but only for the Scimitar's explosion sequence). Almost like there were new assets included or something. Now I want all my ships to explode this gloriously.

Anyone know of a way to fix this or is this just something they need to resolve?

Because most people are looking at me oddly, these are screens from the fights. The first two is the explosion of the warbird in this skirmish. The 2nd one is the vulcan ship exploding. The 3rd one is the scimitar. There is a MASSIVE difference for the scimitar.

This happens on both of my PCs and my iPhone. Is this the case for everyone?

The warbird exploding - notice no orange explosions...
The vulcan ship exploding - notice no orange explosions...
The scimitar exploding - oooo, ahhhh...

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