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Bookmarking or favouriting missions on the Galaxy map.

Subject says it all the ability to choose favourite away missions and ship battles on the galaxy map. The function includes remember the difficulty of the mission, i.e. normal, elite of epic.

a) Choose one mission and difficulty per episode and distress calls . When the episode is clicked a button takes the player to their favourite.
b) A list of up to e.g. 12 missions and difficulties chosen by the player. The list is on a new button on the galaxy map.

This would allow easier farming for various reasons.
1) Farming for intel during skirmish events. I could bookmark that lovely ship battle that gives 2* databases, plus a few others.
2) Completing dailies. I could bookmark one of the ship battles that gives basic sensors, and warp ten it, if I just need some ship battles. Ditto one of the uniform away missions.
3) Adwarping expensive missions. I am currently levelling 1701 Dax for the next event. She needs a few prime directives for her PADD, there is a nice 24 chron mission that gets these. DB would benefit because more ads could be watched.
4) Farming for galaxy events.
5) Storing the away mission that players have not completed on the galaxy map.
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