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v7.0.10 Release Notes and Gauntlet Changes!

Greetings, Captains!

With version v7.0.10, we are updating the game with the bug fixes listed below.

- Cadet Challenges:

• Ad-warp will now be available every 4 hours and will no longer consume a ticket when used.
• Using the crew search function will no longer return a list of non-eligible crew.

- Captain Experience gains will once again be visible.

v7.0.10 will be available this afternoon on Facebook and Steam, and will be available starting Wednesday, February 6 on other platforms. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the update to be available to you.

With today's release, the following changes will also be made to the game:

- Gauntlet Update

• We're adding a secondary chance table to the loot boxes where Captains can earn previous Gauntlet exclusive crew such as Locutus and Bartender Guinan! Both chance tables will have the same probability, so this change ultimately doubles the likelihood of receiving one of the Gauntlet exclusives from loot boxes.
• The odds of receiving Gauntlet exclusive crew from Loot Boxes is being significantly increased.
• The best chances to receive Gauntlet crew can be found in the Gauntlet loot boxes that come from ranking amongst the top Gauntlet players.
• Some Gauntlets will be rebalanced in terms of bonus traits. This should allow for more crew to be usable in those Gauntlets.

We’re also happy to announce the release of a new Collection featuring Gauntlet exclusive crew, “A New Challenger Approaches!” This Collection features tier rewards that give Captains buffs to Skill Proficiencies for their crew.

Thank you for playing!

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