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Ad -warp timer countdowns

mejoyhmejoyh ✭✭✭✭
There are currently 4 different parts of the game that are enabled by ads with different cool downs
- Normal missions (30m cool down)
- Cadet missions 2x (1h cool down between cadet missions and 20m between cadet and normal missions)
- Cadet missions ad warp 4h
- Dabo wheel 24h cool down but follows on the same cycle as cadet mission 2x

Could there please be a count down to show how long till the next adwarp is available for each of the items above? Its getting really hard to keep track of it with timers.

An additional suggestion, can the dabo wheel ad reset follow the normal day reset of the game? Right now its almost guaranteed you ware losing time to the ad which means eventually you lose one day of ad-warping the dabo wheel. (eg. if i ad warp the dabo at 10am, the earliest i can do the next one will be 10am plus the time it take to initialise and run the ad....)


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