We have voyage revival tokens, why not voyage recall tokens?

I was just thinking about how cool this would be. Tokens you could earn and use to instantly complete a voyage after you hit recall, allowing you to send more voyages out and get more chronitons.


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    It seems like a good idea, but I fear it will simply water down what good things we can earn.
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    Because if a voyage failes, a voyage revival ticket or dilithium is required to revive it...no if or buts about it. However a voyage recall token...well you will still get the voyage back, just later, or use dil if you are impatient, plus as
    It seems like a good idea, but I fear it will simply water down what good things we can earn.
    stated...sounds like something db might do.
  • I mean we can have both.
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    I would like to see more tokens of all kinds and to put them by small percentage in the 90k credit pulls.
  • Honestly, I’d rather see antimatter tokens for allotments of 5 or 10 minutes. If I know I won’t have the time to check back later, I just recall right away. Yes, it might cost me some rewards, but it is simple to do.
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  • If anything I'd like to see a way to actually gain antimatter during a Voyage. Maybe some sort of mini-dilemma at random. Maybe a runabout skirmish, or a quick dip onto a moon or planetoid for a quick away mission. That'll give the Voyage mode much more flare instead of just waiting for the 2hr dilemma to roll around and HOPING for the ascension to Voyage drop only crew.
  • How about recall time reduction boosts. They are already in the game for shuttles, so next to the recall button there is a place to insert the boost to reduce recall time.
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  • Personally would rather they work on having the option whether to use the token or revive with dilithium so I dont have to waste my token at 2hrs instead of saving it for 10+ hours in when it's worth using.
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    How about also fixing Voyage Tokens so you can decide WHEN to use them. Like, I don't know, an USER INTERFACE CHANGE.....
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