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ranking 4* crew

As BadTrekDad had a thread on bad 5*, I thought how would you rank 4* crew. Currently I have 31, and don't have much for resources to try to FF/FE them.

I have got 6 new from the last two voyages, one was 10hr and the last was 8 hr.

Here is the list:
Tourist Quark 3/4
Warship Chakotay 4/4
Temporal Agent Seven
Lt. Cmdr. Ariam
COP Archer
Demora Sulu
Combat Medic Paris
Mirron Garek
Assimilated Tuvok
Mirror Phlox
Assimilated Troi
Princess Jadzia
Adm. Paris 3/4
Douglas Pabst 2/4
Dahar Master Kor
Capt. T'Pol
Denara Pel
Marla McGivers
Civil War Worf
Mirror Vic
Friar Tuck Data
Lt. Chekov(from last event)
Nurse Faith Garland (from last voyage)
Nexus Kirk
Lt. Tarah
Tommy Gun Dixon
Cadet Wes Crusher
Incognito Kirk 3/4
Puglist Q
Edith Keeler
new* Dr. Zimmerman 3/4
sec 31 Georgiou 2/4
Hippocates Noah
Disgusied Chakotay
Gorn Capt.(from recent vayage)
Det. Dixon Hill
Waitress Ezri(from last voyage)
new* Capt. Q
Katra McCoy(from last voyage)
Berlinghoff Rasmussan(from last voy, had awhile ago and airlocked)
Riley Frazier(from last voyage)
Mutated Paris(from last voyage)


  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not going to go through your entire list one by one, but here are some that stand out for me...

    Combat Medic Paris - KEEP
    Penk - TOSS
    Assimilated Tuvok - KEEP
    Mirror Phlox - DEFINITELY KEEP
    Princess Jadzia - KEEP
    Laas - TOSS
    Feezal - TOSS
    Denara Pel - TOSS
    Nurse Faith Garland (from last voyage) - KEEP (good for Gauntlet)
    Tommy Gun Dixon - KEEP
    Berlinghoff Rasmussan(from last voy, had awhile ago and airlocked) - TOSS (again ;))

    Just my 2c. Your mileage may vary.

    Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.
    ~ Data, ST:TNG "Haven"
  • Long term you can use this to help you sort through: http://stt.doroexplo.com/

    It lists 4* and 5* in tiers together, but you can ignore the golds and just look at the purples for this.

    For now, I'd focus on your 4/4 and 3/4 crew. They're all relatively strong and will give you the most bang for your buck right now. The other I would work on ASAP is Mirror Phlox. Even at 1/4 he is a great asset, in Gauntlet especially.
  • Tourist Quark is my highest med/dip right now. Penk and Pabst surprisingly does good for battles so far. I have had Combat med. Paris and Mirror Phlox, and COP Archer since I started. Been busy building other things in game. I will probably do a purge soon on quite a few.
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