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Bought Event pack not showing

MbannarMbannar ✭✭✭
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So bought the 49.99, mostly because I'm a idoit and missed the cut off for the 99.99 but

When I bought it, the game said there was a server error, so i closed it and reopened app
Dont see stamets or packs so figured it didnt go thru so I tryed to rebuy tells me me I allready own it

So I close and reopen , then says theres a server error

So I check history shows the purhaces and the 2 cancels

Submitted a tickets
But was wonder if anyone had any tips as I'm in the middle of a ranked event?


  • Support will need to check this out for you, as you have provided the receipt, this should be pretty straightforward.
  • MbannarMbannar ✭✭✭
    edited February 16
    Nvm werid run around but its fixed
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