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The Affinity System (Game-Wide Update)

PenguinJimPenguinJim ✭✭✭✭✭
I mentioned this halfway through a Bridge thread about a year ago, but with the new walls of Guinans and Locutii in Gauntlet, it seems worth bringing up again, as it should go a little way towards reducing that problem.

With the "Affinity System" implemented in Timelines, every character in any team (be it Gauntlet, Arena, Voyage, Shuttle, or even a standard away mission or space combat mission) affects the performance of everyone else by a (presumably small) +/-% modifier.

For example, a shuttle team of three crew, say, Picard, Data and Archer. Picard gets +2% to his stats from being paired with Data (same bridge crew) and +1% to his stats for being with Archer (same Starfleet affiliation). Data gets the same +2% and +1%. Archer gets +1% from each of them (same Starfleet affiliation).

Or a shuttle with Kira, Dukat and Kirk. Kira gets -2% to her stats for being with Dukat, and nothing from Kirk. Dukat gets +2% for being with Kira, naturally, and perhaps -1% for being with Kirk (as Dukat's vaguely racist, or a humanophobe). Kirk gets nothing from Dukat, and +2% for being with a woman.

Anyone teamed with Winn Adami gets -3%.

This should allow for more imaginative Gauntlet teams and more Wall variance, create a lot more Voyage-creation anxiety, and also reward people who prefer to collect their favorite teams who would work together well in canon (rather than simply chasing the highest stats on a per-card basis).


  • Nice idea, but it would add a layer of complexity to the programming. RNGesus screws us over enough, he doesn't need any help.
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