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Time Portal Requests

Could we please have countdown timers on packs in the Time Portal to let us know how much longer we can buy them for before they disappear.

Also, can we have a 'pack vault' for packs we want to buy (or get as part of deals) but don't necessarily want to open until we have available slots?

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Spoiler of spoils


  • Seconded!
  • Time Portal Request: Possibly, you could take your favorite ship, and travel into the time portal to a specific time and place? Ok, maybe something else along those lines, but getting to an alternate reality or as abovementioned "a time and place" sounds like great fun. Like a Voyages only encounters of a different sort? Just a thought. -Turen Qapla!
    Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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