Does STT support 120 Hz displays?

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I'm thinking about buying a Razer Phone 2 (not because I play many games except STT but I love the stereo speaker setup for movies and these speakers are great according to reviews) which also has a 120 Hz display (there is also the ASUS ROG Phone with a 90 Hz display). Does STT support a 120 Hz refresh rate or is a higher refresh rate going to create problems? It's not listed on the official website as a supported game (, so that's why im asking here if it will work properly with 120 Hz or if it is planned to support 120 Hz in the future.

It won't cause serious problems if STT doesn't support it since it seems that there is a setting for each individual app where I can set a individual refresh rate for every app, so it should be no problem to force 60 Hz for STT. But since the phone has a 120 Hz, it would be nice to actually use it :).


  • Since I bought the Razer Phone 2 with the current discount, I can report that STT works properly with 120 Hz, not a single problem or graphic glitch appeared so far.
  • Thanks for letting everyone know, Jim! :)
  • Shan wrote: »
    Thanks for letting everyone know, Jim! :)

    I'll let you know (via ticket) in case I run into unexpected troubles in the future. But oh boy, a 120 Hz is a huge difference, not primarily in games but the whole phone is way smoother. You don't miss it if you don't have it, but there is probably no way back after you had one :/.

    But there is another problem now, the new device doesn't show ads anymore. If I play with my old phone they are still there but no ads on the new phone. I read the other thread and I've tried to reset the Google Ad-ID but it didn't help. I guess there is no real solution yet. Maybe they come back after an update but luckily I don't really need them anymore and might use my old phone for it at home.
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