Scheduled downtime for STT on Tuesday March, 26 at 4:00 am (08:00 UTC) for approximately 1 hour.

Starfleet Wisconsin needs YOU!!

[SFW] Quick Claude[SFW] Quick Claude ✭✭✭
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Seriously. We do need you. Even if you’re not from Wisconsin. Even if it’s just temporary. We have had a lot of players going inactive. It never used to be a problem to keep our fleet at 50 members. But for whatever reason, over the last couple of months, players have been leaving, and people just haven’t been coming in to fill those slots. It’s slowed our Starbase room production to a trickle compared to where it had been and I’d hate to see other players start leaving because of that.

We’re pretty easy-going, and a good group of people.

Again, Your help would be extremely appreciated!!!!
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