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v7.1.0 Release Notes - Update release schedule

ShanShan admin
edited March 2019 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains!

v7.1.0 is now live on Facebook and Steam (a bit later today) and will be available on all app stores/platforms starting tomorrow Wednesday, March 6.

Update: Steam release should happen tomorrow and other app stores/platforms should be for Thursday, March 7.

With this new update the following changes have been made to the game:

- Daily Mission screen: enjoy a new layout for this section of the game!
- Fleet/Squadrons: fixed an issue where Captains with a special character in their name could not be demoted/promoted.
- Cryostasis Vault: frozen crew will once again display their frozen status.
- Disfigured Pike has been renamed to Tribunal Pike, thank you for your feedback!
- Kazon Seska: Bajoran trait removed.

Thank you for playing!

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