Daily mission refresh still broken

AmphistaffAmphistaff ✭✭✭✭
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This has been an issue for as long as I can remember and I was hoping the UI update would have resolved it but apparently not. At least once a week I'll wake up and the daily missions won't reset. With the old UI you could click the button but it would be a mostly blank screen and none of the lines would fill in. On the new UI you can open it up and it will show you the Monthly Card, Chron Boost, and Daily Reward cards and you can actually interact with the daily reward one and claim it but the remaining daily missions don't display and won't until you restart the game.

Overnight I leave the game open to the gauntlet screens so that I can kick off a round as soon as I wake up.



  • I am sorry but the game is really not meant to be left open for hours on end. It will create issues.
  • AmphistaffAmphistaff ✭✭✭✭
    So glad the response exactly fit my expectation....

    Sorry for the snark but this feels incredibly dismissive and like a cop out. I play plenty of other games and use many other apps that can be left open indefinitely with no issues.
  • I am sorry you feel that way.
    While I wish it was different, it is however a fact that ,where our game is concerned, it is creating issues, and at this time it is not something we will have the bandwidth to try and remedy.
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