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Ready room

FUNimationsFUNimations ✭✭✭
edited March 8 in Engineering Room
If it wasn't broken, it's sure has become annoying.

Opening the ready room welcomes you with a FULL bright pink box and FULL bright green box before the styles are applied. Simply painfull to the eyes.

The animation on completing multiple daily missions takes to long. The jumping of boxes is worse than what it was before. Before it jumped up. But now when completing the top row missions, the lower jumps to the top, the top jumps to the column on the right on the bottom row. It's hard to follow. Despite having clicked them all, after the animation, some still showed as 'completable'.
Why don't the boxes stay visible but with a 'completed' style?

The jumping was the only thing you could say about the previous design, now the same thing remains but more annoying.

There are reason why someone wouldn't complete an achievement.
Now the ready room show 'daily missions' one time, the 'achievements' the other time when opened.
Why? It's confusing, the times i thought today 'oh a daily completed, lets claim it', just to notice in the last second i'm on the achievements tab... Why? The Time portal has a similar design, it always opens on the crew tab.


  • Capt AjammCapt Ajamm ✭✭✭
    I find it cousin to a bad acid trip. A headache from the daily rewards is not any kind of reward.
    ~ seeking out new life
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