Daylight savings time and DABO ad spin

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When I did my ad spin, when it finished it said I exceeded my limits. Of course, this is an error I do not get chance to Ad spin until 24 hours from my previous.
Also at this point it has not given me another opportunity.

Edit: it still has not allowed me to ad spin DABO.
I have the feeling I must have tried after 23 hours but before 24 hours.
This happened on both my accounts.

Edit2: still do not have ad spin.

Edit3: still do not have ad spin.

I guess I will be filing a ticket in both accounts for cost in dil. of the next spin.

Edit4: on my main account the one I was owed 30 dil. I was given 100 Chron.
On my second account I was only given 30 dil. if the 50 dil. I was owed.

The main problem was that the 24 hour cool down was reset after receiving the exceed limit error message. There would have been no problem if the current time had not been reset.

Again this was a daylight savings problem. On Sunday I did my ad spin at approximately 1pm. On Monday I did my ad spin at about the same time. First I was given the choice for ad spin because the clock time was 24 hours later, but only 23+ hours actually had passed. Second after watching ad, the error message about exceeding limit came out. So the reward timer knew the actual time that passed not the time the clock shows because of daylight savings time. And finally, the timer was reset not giving me the ad spin for a total of 47+ hours.
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