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10/30 Traits changes

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edited November 2017 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains!

Traits were long overdue for a pass, it is now done! We will of course continue to evaluate the authenticity of traits in the coming months. Thank you for all the feedback you provided, it has been invaluable and helped greatly. Here are the changes that were made today:

Crew with a trait substitution:

• Shinzon loses Romulan, gains Reman
• Hugh loses Human, gains Cultural Figure
• Agent Harris loses Federation, gains Brutal
• 1701 Jadzia Dax and Princess Jadzia lose Human, gain Gambler

Traits added to specific crew:

• Brutal - Mirror Garak, Intendant Kira, Mirror Phlox, Wrathful Khan
• Chef - 1701 Sisko, Captain Sisko, Promoted Sisko, Gabriel Bell
• Civilian - Arik Soong, Expedition Vash
• Costumed - Hockey Kim, Hockey Paris, Gangster Spock
• Cultural Figure - Wrathful Khan, Young Khan
• Cyberneticist - Commando Crusher, Liaison Torres, Assimilated Torres, Duelist Torres, Age of Sail La Forge, Musketeer La Forge, Chief Engineer La Forge, Lt Commander La Forge, Doctor La Forge, Captain La Forge, Lore, The One, Lore
• Desperate - Dr. Tolian Soran
• Diplomat - Captain Sisko, KDF Gowron, Chancellor Gowron
• Duelist - Claiborne Chekov, All versions of Yar
• Federation - All versions of Chakotay, Dr. Soong, Chief Engineer Torres, Waitress Ezri
• Gambler - Lt Jadzia Dax, Lt Commander Jadzia Dax, Blood Oath Jadzia Dax, Klingon Bride Jadzia
• Human - Mirror K'Ehleyr
• Interrogator - Tailor Garak
• Investigator - Security Chief Tuvok, Security Chief Worf
• Marksman - Idrin, Lt. Ash Tyler
• Musician - All versions of Harry Kim, EMH, Uhura, Data (except Frank Hollander), Spock (except Mirror Spock), COP Founder Picard, Enterprise-E Picard, Tommy Gun Dixon
• Maverick - KDF Worf, Dr. Reyga
• Pilot - All versions of Jadzia Dax, Captain Sulu, Lt. Ash Tyler
• Resourceful - Wrathful Khan
• Rich - Grand Nagus Zek
• Romantic - Angel I Riker
• Saboteur - Maquis Takeover Torres, Technician Rom
• Starfleet - Waitress Ezri
• Survivalist - All versions of Yar, Wrathful Khan, Idrin
• Tactician - Idrin, Third Remata'Klan, , Resistance Shakaar, Warship Yar
• Telepath - Lon Suder
• Temporal Agent - Silik
• Undercover Operative - 1701 Jadzia Dax, 1701 Sisko, Temporal Agent Seven, Bashir, Julian Bashir, Dark Ages McCoy
• Villain - Lursa Duras, B’Etor Duras, Luther Sloan, Changeling Bashir
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